Thursday, 24 September 2015

Cloud Security Service Market Observes Major Acquisition and Mergers


Long – established on-site security software involves high ownership costs. Often the high upfront paid for obtaining software license paired with exorbitant maintenance and installation costs are hard hits on the budget. The industry experts eyeing the cloud security software industry say cloud security software sidesteps such expenses, as cloud service providers manage the software implementation, constant updates, maintenance and back-ups, thereby lowering the requirements for any information technology administration, in –house.

Speaking of the current trend the cloud’s encryption platform is playing a vital role in cloud security industry. As known to many cloud security software consists of a broad category including different technologies, DLP and SSO amid others. But, cloud encryption platforms have distinct features compared to anything else sold in the market. These platforms divergently offer a high level of data monitoring and control, which enables professionals responsible for compliance to make sure the data is kept confidential and secure. Companies can now depend on this category of security software to resolve all data residency problems.

Over the past few months the cloud security segment has also witnessed several collaborations, acquisitions and mergers. The cyber security industry is white hot. Several studies indicate that mobile security, SIEM and cloud security are the most rapidly growing sectors. Major market players are spending heavily in these sectors to curb cyber crimes. Some significant acquisitions mergers and acquisitions this year were by Blue Coat Systems, Check Point Software Technologies, Cipher Cloud and Cisco. In the recent quarter, AVG technologies, one of the leading security company that has secured over 200 million users invested in Privax, which is a popular mobile as well as desktop service provider for users. Another company Baidu, based in China too has invested a budding startup Anquanbao for a certain sum, disclosed QQ Tech. 

Similarly, the enterprises that got acquired this year include nSense, Meru Networks, Revolution1 Security and Authentify. Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Cloud Security Software Industry Report -Global and Chinese Market.” The market research report takes a closer look at the development, market status, market share, size and forecast of the cloud security software market. Moreover, investors, product developers, marketing professionals and other executives seeking information on key manufacturers, industry chain analysis, upstream raw materials, downstream customers, economic impact and market dynamics would find the report beneficial.

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