Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New Energy Brand Glukos Launched

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Glukos Company, Inc., a prominent producer of performance nutrition products aimed for athletes, recently launched Glukos, a new energy brand for enhancing performance among atheltes. It began with Ironman competitor and endurance athlete Mark Jensen who wanted to create a sport fuel using only natural ingredients and sugars which led him to discover this energy drink “Glukose” made with natural glucose. Glucose is energy source of carbohydrate that human body can use since all other carbohydrates, such as sucrose and fructose, need to be converted into glucose to be consumed by human body.
Supporting the claims of effectiveness of the above glucose-based nutrition line, Glukos cited a study conducted by experts at Kansas State University which makes a comparative analysis of the effects of glucose, sucrose and fructose on energy levels of various while being sedentary. The study confirmed that 2 hours after consumption of the products, people who used glucose had higher energy than people who used fructose and sucrose.

 Unlike other sports drink, the company claims that Glukos doesn’t contain any sucrose or fructose, including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Further as per a reliable estimate, about half of athletes can be considered to be sensitive to HFCS, contributing to GI stress during competition.

The entire Glukos line includes gels, drinks, powders, gummies, tablets, and bars and is available with be available with specialty retailers. There are many research studies conducted in the market which offer an insight into the current and future market trends, market segmentation and forecast, along with dominant market dynamics. Recently, a report added by Prof Research Report titled “Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Glucose Industry, 2009-2019” offers an analysis of the key drivers and restraints, current market trends and future industry growth prospects along with strategies adopted by key market players to grow in the market.

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