Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Latest Trends In ERP Software Industry

We are almost in the middle of 2015, which is always a perfect time for those intending to look back on performances over the past 6 months.  It’s a good time to look forward to the upcoming months. In the past 6 months, a lot in the Enterprise Resource Planning (or ERP) remained unchanged, but many things are being gradually accepted.

The popular trend in coming months would be, most ERP vendors providing SaaS as well as on –premise services to their clients as enterprises are embracing both. Today, the hybrid solutions, that offers on – premise services in the cloud remain ill – defined, despite the fact that many customers are beginning to accept it to make the most of both worlds. Likewise, the subscription pricing for ERP software is another hit. Competitive pressures as well as new capabilities have forced the ERP pricing to constantly shift toward the subscription pricing.

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Another trend called IoT (or Internet of Things) with the capability of transferring valuable information over a network has become popular in 2015. The concept offers objects including cars, electronic appliances and so on with the aforesaid capability and does not need a human interaction. So if ERP devices are made available for the users, it will be attached to different tools including automobiles, feeding information back to the apps on cloud. Certain details including locations, performance as well as applications can also be accessed. This further enables enterprises to come to face with problems such as where their unutilized assets are or if any maintenance is needed.

In addition, due to the growth in specialized enterprise resource planning software, many ERP consultants have shifted their focus towards the integration architecture for better enterprise application solutions. Amidst, all these big enterprises are either collaborating or investing major market players. There are definitely new market players, but prominent players are securing a strong foothold. Additionally, companies and venture capitalist are investing on specialized enterprise resource planning solutions, which can be accessed from devices such as smartphones, tablets and so on.

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