Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Morphisec hopes to turn the tables on hackers after $7 million funding round

A revolutionary preventative cybersecurity company Morphisec hopes to launch early next year with technology based on the most common hacking methods

Morphisec randomizes the way apps or programs load into a computer’s memory, making it difficult for malware to recognize applications. With software like web browsers or Flash unrecognizable to malware, that malware can’t take root and open a given app to attack.

Morphisec, an Israel-based “polymorphic” cybersecurity company, announced $7 million in Series A funding on Tuesday to launch its new product in early 2016 and to expand marketing staff abroad. The round was led by JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners), GE Ventures, Deutsche Telekom, Portage Advisors llc., and OurCrowd according to a press release.

The company claims to be at the forefront of a method of security that utilizes the same tools as attackers to defend apps and programs in real-time by randomizing the way programs open into a system’s memory.

“We’re completely deterministic. What we do is we make the memory space unpredictable to the attacker, Chief Business Officer (CBO) Omri Dotan told Geektime. “We don’t change the app or its data or the database. We are making the memory space totally unpredictable every time the app loads (for example when you double click on a PDF reader) and it will be completely different for instance.”

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